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Below is an academic presentation I could use with lower level students. (I tried to put this in the same post as the video but the text would not show.)

Examples of TOEFL-like comprehension questions to present to students include:

Q1 What is the main idea of this presentation?
-----A. To show how to be accepted at a Chinese university
-----B. To demonstrate that the U.S. university system is better
-----C. To demonstrate that the Chinese university system is better
-----D. To compare and contrast the U.S. and Chinese university systems

Q2 What do Americans call someone who is in their first year of university study?
-----A. First year
-----B. Sophmore
-----C. Freshman
-----D. Newbie

Q3 Which of the following is not a similar procedure when applying to Chinese and U.S. universities?
-----A. some kind of exam to indicate qualifications for university work.
-----B. Choose/apply to schools based on your exam score
-----C. Waiting
Deciding what will be studied at university after acceptance

Q4 Which of the following is not true about taking courses in either Chinese or US universities?
-----A. At Chinese universities, you are not assigned to a group of students.
-----B. At U.S. universities, you choose the classes you take.
-----C. At both US and Chinese universities, you are in class less than 25 hours a week.
-----D. At both US and Chinese universities you can have two majors.

Q5 What could be inferred about the difference in dormitory rules between US and Chinese universities?
-----A. Both have very similar rules.
-----B. Chinese dormitory rules are more restrictive than US dormitory rules
-----C. US dormitory rules are more restrictive than Chinese dormitory rules
-----D. You can have your girlfriend/boyfriend visit you at a Chinese university dormitory

Q6 What is a community college?
-----A. a place where one can get a bachelor's degree in two years instead of four
-----B. It is a cheap four-year university
-----C. They are places for people to start their university education or get a certificate of some kind
-----D. It is exactly the same as a Chinese 3-year university

University Life in China and America

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